Financial Aid

We strive to provide resources to make our exceptional education affordable. Financial aid decisions are based on information applicant families provide to School and Student Services, an offering of the National Association of Independent Schools. Financial aid awards are made to qualified students who have enrolled. Awards are made by our Financial Aid Committee and are strictly confidential. Financial aid is funded by the Academy and is awarded on a yearly basis with decisions made in April and May.
Applying for financial assistance has no impact on admission decisions.
"As we have just completed the year, we are now even more certain that the Academy is exactly what we want for our children's education and your gift has made it more possible for our family." 
- an Academy Family 

To Apply for Financial Aid

APPLYING FOR FINANCIAL AID – Financial aid decisions are made by the Academy Financial Aid Committee and are strictly confidential. Financial aid is funded by the Academy and must be applied for on an annual basis. Please be aware that the amount available for financial aid is limited and is awarded to qualified recipients on a first-come, first-served basis. Returning families will not be considered for financial aid until their current year’s account is up to date.

Step 1. Complete online enrollment, click the button that indicates you will be applying for financial aid and clicking the button that indicates how you will pay for the remaining tuition after financial aid has been applied.

Step 2. Complete the online Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) using the following directions:
Go to the website of National Association of Independent Schools at
Click on the green box “Website for Parents and Families”
Click on the box on the left-hand side of the webpage“Login to Complete or Update your PFS
Follow the steps for completing the “Financial Aid application (Parents Financial Statement)”
FWA School Code: 3230

Step 3. Submit a signed copy of your current Federal Income Tax Return (including all schedules and W-2 forms) to Marcia Garoon in the Academy Business Office.

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