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“The rest of your life will be a never-ending series of word problems that you have to solve.” Think about it. That’s what Mr. Chesmer tells his student every day. “Often they say that they hate word problems and can’t do them.” After years of practical life and experience in the world of business, Mr. Chesmer’s response is just four simple words: “That’s not an option.” His goal is to not only foster the foundational skills that will be needed in the future, but to also build confidence and a level of comfort when it comes to Math.
Perhaps that common sense approach comes from having grown up on a Texas Panhandle farm with all the responsibilities and adventures that a rural background involves. “Working a big farm required hard work, resourcefulness, and constant problem solving.” While working with lots of big equipment, he learned to love building things and the art of fixing stuff. For that reason, it seemed only natural that he would become a mechanical engineer. After receiving his ME degree in from Oklahoma State, he went on to earn his MBA from TCU.
This diverse combination leads to many years as a manufacturing consultant where he helped design factories and develop manufacturing computer control systems for some of the most well-known companies in North America. His last client, Lennox Heating and Cooling, lured him away from consulting. He eventually rose to become Director of Marketing and Business Integration with them.
From atop a rung on the corporate ladder, Mr. Chesmer saw the necessity to step off and take on his most rewarding role. “I was given the gift of caring for my ailing mother, nurturing my newborn son, and supporting my wife’s return to her professional career. That puts everything into perspective.”
After that life-changing experience, he asked, “How do I continue to truly make a difference?” As a teacher here at the Fort Worth Academy, he knows that teaching kids leave what might be the most lasting impression of all. “It’s a legacy that’s a whole lot more satisfying than just making and selling a pile of widgets.”
Mr. Chesmer enjoys trying to put a home-cooked meal on the table every night, fly fishing and skeet shooting with his son Kye, and going above and beyond the typical honey-do list by remodeling their home and working to build their backyard oasis.

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