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      Facillities-Science Labs

Science Labs

Our robust science program is helped in no small part by the presence of three science labs. Our uniquely designed Lower School science lab offer age-appropriate, hands-on science lessons and experiments that challenge and excite students. The two Middle School science labs are equipped to conduct real-time scientific experimentation.


The Fort Worth Academy facility houses four Collaboratories - each centrally located, and easily accessible, in the both the lower and middle school wings.
The word "collaboratory" is a fusion of the words 'collaboration' and 'laboratory.'  It is an apt label for these large, open and flexible spaces where students engage in action research and action learning with each other, and often with students from other grades.  Action learning and action research can be loud, and most always requires more space than a typical classroom permits.
Furnishings in the Collaboratories are comfortable, minimal, and easily relocatable.  Natural light is abundant, floors are colorfully carpeted and walls are coated with 'idea paint' making them appropriate for drawing, writing, and capturing in the moment the free-flow of creative processes. 
Says second-grade teacher Margie Lane, "When I take my students to their Collaboratory they immediately assume they will be engaged in a fun activity.  I love that built in enthusiasm!  This wonderful space allows for learning that is exciting and energizing, yet also contained and organized - the best of both worlds!"  

Athletic Complex

Completed in 2002, Talbott Fields include a regulation baseball/softball diamond, a regulation football/soccer field, electronic score boards, shade structures, field house, gaga ball pit and play structure. The neighboring gymnasium is fully equipped for basketball, volleyball and physical education.

Performing and Visual Arts Facilities

The visual art studio is specially designed, complete with a slab roller, five potters’ wheels, a kiln and equipment for projects including silk-screening, print-making and paper-making. The Academy also has dedicated facilities for performing arts and music.

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