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I love what I do, especially teaching reading to young students. Every year I have students who come in and believe that they can’t read or won’t read. Over the course of the year, I get to watch as they learn how to do something they thought they couldn’t. I love teaching them not just to read, but to love reading… to read for enjoyment and have a wonderful time with a book.

Deborah Wade didn’t set out to be a teacher.Even though there are a number of teachers in my family, I didn’t become a teacher for that reason. While I was studying for my degree, I learned that what I wanted was to be around children, and work with them. Teaching seemed to naturally follow, so… here I am!

Mrs. Wade began teaching at The Academy in 2013. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Texas, her Master’s in Education from Texas Wesleyan, and her Reading Recovery training through Texas Woman’s University. During her decades of teaching, she has taught PreK, Kindergarten, First Grade, Title 1 Reading, and Reading Recovery, and in a previous position as an Instructional Facilitator, earned a Teacher of the Year honor.  
“The Academy is a very special place,” she explains. The teachers and faculty here truly value our children. Yes, we tailor our instruction to each student’s individual needs with smaller classes, personal attention, and project-based learning, but even more importantly, we encourage our students to take risks and push themselves. An example of this is through projects. One recent project, building the Titanic, is a good example. You never know what will happen, what direction the students will take or how it will turn out. So, it’s always an adventure for everyone and always with surprising results. It’s wonderful to watch them work through it, and we all end up learning together.

When not inspiring her first graders, Mrs. Wade enjoys quilting, sewing, the “great outdoors,” spending time with her husband and daughter, and doing a bit of birdwatching.

Good things come out of taking risks, regardless of the outcome,” she says. That’s our philosophy, and that’s a way of seeing things that our students will carry with them through life.

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