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Mrs. Allison Fitzgerald is the Academy’s Library Media Specialist. She received a Mass Communication from Texas Wesleyan University, Master of Arts in Teaching from Dallas Baptist University and a Master of Library Science from the University of North Texas. She has taught 10th grade English and 5th grade Language Arts and for the past two years was the Library Media Specialist in a public PreK - 5th grade school.

Mrs. Fitzgerald chose the Academy because of its small class size and because of its emphasis on innovation and creation. She loves that students are allowed to think and create outside the guidelines of a standard curriculum. Her philosophy is all about teaching students to think and to show them the joy in reading. The Academy allows her the freedom to work with students in the way that they learn best and to spend time steeped in literature.

Mrs. Fitzgerald loves exposing kids to books and recommending books to kids and then seeing them read the book and respond to it. Nothing is better than a student coming back and saying they loved a book. If they didn't like the book? Challenge accepted! Let's find another book to read! She believes every student can become a lifelong reader.  

She enjoys reading, traveling with her family, and watching movies. Her children's interests also become her own and right now they are obsessed with the musical Hamilton and soccer. She does not consider herself a runner, however, she and her husband are training for the Disney Half Marathon in January.

Mrs.Fitzgerald likes kids and she likes reading and what better way to share the lifelong joy of reading than by teaching?!

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