Colleen Lawler

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Colleen Lawler
Lower School Spanish Teacher
“It’s really wonderful, teaching young people a foreign language. They’re so curious, so receptive… and they can approach it with no shyness whatsoever, no fear of being embarrassed. As a result, they learn incredibly fast. It’s really fun to watch.”
Colleen Lawler is a Fort Worth native, but will be bringing a world of experience to her role here as our Lower School Spanish teacher. She has been a student of the Spanish language and culture for years, studying Spanish during her undergraduate years at Notre Dame, receiving a Master’s Degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies from American University, and studying abroad in Spain and South America.
Ms. Lawler taught for about seven years in the Washington, D.C. area, then returned to Ft. Worth to work with Catholic Charities of Ft. Worth’s Translation and Interpretation Network (TIN), a service designed to bridge the language gap and provide opportunities to immigrants and refugees. Returning to Ft. Worth also meant her return to teaching. “I’ve always loved school, and learning… and the opportunity to share what I’ve learned,” she says. “During my time away from it I always had in mind that at some point I would return to teaching.”
One of her most rewarding experiences, she says, was a trip on which she took a group of students to Peru. “It was my first year of teaching and it so incredibly amazing to watch my students use their skills in the ‘real world,’ to see them understand the power of being able to speak another language.” It was an experience that instilled her passion for teaching, a passion that she now brings to the Academy.
When she’s not in the classroom, Ms. Lawler enjoys reading, and spending time with her husband and two-year-old son, Nicholas.
She is very excited to get back in the classroom, and we know that our students will benefit greatly from her experience and passion.

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