Danielle Berry

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Danielle Berry
5th Grade English and History Teacher
Ms. Berry has been working with 5th graders for the last seven years. “I’ve always loved working with fifth graders,” she says. “I love their sense of humor. I love getting a student who hasn’t spoken to finally open up and tell me what’s going on. And, I love to see them take pride in their work. These are great moments for me.
Ms. Berry earned her B.A. in Psychology from UCLA and her M.A. in Education from Pepperdine University. In addition, she has experience with All Kinds of Minds, is trained in the Step Up to Writing program, and is well versed in PBL. She has her certification as a Reading Specialist, and comes to us from Renaissance School for Arts and Sciences in San Pedro, CA, where she had been the lead 5th/6th grade teacher since 2011.
Ms. Berry shared that as a teacher, she tries to bring enthusiasm and authenticity into her classroom whenever possible, built on a solid foundation of trust.Where I come from as a teacher… it all begins with building a strong foundation of trust and respect. Once you’ve established this, the students are more than happy to tell you what they need and how you can engage them in the materials. It also gives them the confidence, and the comfort level, to grow and to take charge of their own learning.”
“I feel lucky to have a vocation that gives me purpose,” she says. How did Ms. Berry know that this was her calling? “I was always the kid in class that you knew you could count on for help. From the time I was little, I knew that I wanted to work with children. And right now,” she says, “I feel very lucky to be here and truly feel that the Academy is where I was meant to be.
Ms. Berry loves to laugh and loves Harry Potter. She is an avid potter, and drinks a lot of coffee; usually from a blue Disneyland mug. Needless to say, we’re confident that she'll fit right in!

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