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Mrs. Elizabeth Bonin has a B.S. in Education from Texas Woman’s University, and an MLA from Southern Methodist University. She is a certified Academic Language Therapist, a licensed Dyslexia Therapist, and a qualified Learning Therapist Instructor with the SMU Learning Therapy Program where she was a consultant at the Summer Academic Enhancement Workshop for 11 years, writing curriculum, designing courses, instructing, and teaching other teachers.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, travel, and spending time at home with her daughter, Lizann (FWA Graduate 2014), and husband of 23 years, Mike.  Though a native of Fort Worth, Mrs. Bonin has lived in New Mexico, Wyoming, and Alaska.  
In Mrs. Elizabeth Bonin’s classroom, adventure through reading, writing, and self-expression is the theme. She believes strongly, in the words of Mark Van Doren, that “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” Through reading, and writing, Mrs. Bonin’s students experience the adventure of stories.  Growing up in a “literature-rich home, surrounded by books,” Mrs. Bonin cultivated a love of reading and feels that her calling in life was to become a reading teacher.  She began her teaching career as a language therapist. She feels that working with her early students one-on-one prepared her perfectly for the educational philosophy of the Academy, “a school where creativity is welcomed, inspired, and nurtured.”  She fondly remembers her fourth grade teacher reading to her, and her goal is to create “joyful memories of learning” for each of her students as well.
Mrs. Bonin began working full-time at the Academy as the Kindergarten Assistant the year that her daughter, Lizann, began kindergarten in Mrs. Valerie Williams’ class.  She has been most impressed to see the Academy’s strategic growth plan come to fruition, especially with regard to technology.  She has seen technology “open a new world of literacy in the classroom.”  The technology available at Fort Worth Academy allows Mrs. Bonin’s students “instant access to information and communication [which] enhances their learning adventures every day.”  She uses technology to “individualize the curriculum” and as a “tool for teaching, assessment, management, and communication.”  She especially looks forward to guiding her students through the research, creation, and presentation of their projects on Entrepreneur Day each spring.
She laughs that, each year, her students come to her more and more technologically literate and competent. She likes that their enthusiasm for learning new tools keeps her on her toes. Mrs. Bonin likes to talk about the ancient Chinese belief called the Red Thread: “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet.  The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.”  She believes that “Academy teachers and students have the red thread connection as they learn and grow in the classroom through making discoveries and memories together.”  Mrs. Bonin feels “so grateful for the opportunity at the Academy to connect with students as individuals, to appreciate and cultivate natural abilities, to embark on an adventure of discovery, to open doors of endless potential, and the privilege of celebrating collaborative learning and inspiring lifelong learning.”  We are grateful that she brings her talents to the Academy every day.

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