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Mrs. Hilary Parker will partner with Elizabeth Bonin, and share responsibility for the Academy fourth graders. Mrs. Parker earned a BS in Education from Baylor University and has seven years of teaching experience. She began teaching 3rd grade in FWISD in 1998, she then moved to Trinity Valley to teach 8th Grade English. From there Mrs. Parker went to Covenant Classical School where she taught 4th grade, 6th grade, 7th - 10th grammar and writing, and k - 8 art.

Mrs. Parker observed the Academy from a parent perspective and saw how it was changing lives by teaching and encouraging children to grow beyond boundaries--beyond their limits. She wants to be a part of that and wants to be a teacher who can help guide students in learning and experiencing life to the fullest. Her desire is not only to impart information and knowledge but to actually teaching children how to learn and strive for greater understanding and ask bigger questions.She loves how the Academy is completely individualized and students have a one-on-one relationship with their teachers. It is a school which celebrates asking questions and being an individual.

Since joining the Academy Mrs.Parker has learned how to expand her boundaries and limits on learning; she has learned how to move away from the typical classroom teacher roll lecturing at the front of the room to more of a facilitator, guiding students to discover knowledge and experience it themselves.

When not at the Academy Mrs. Parker enjoys being outdoors, taking nature walks, cooking, and being with her family.

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