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“I love that students hang out here in the morning,” Mrs. Uhr says, as she gestures around her classroom. “I get to hear all about what’s happening in their world. I get to know them better.  I get to hear them tell each other crazy stories about their lives.”
Mrs. Kathy Uhr teaches 8th grade English and serves as Head of Lower School. Mrs. Uhr received her Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech, her Master’s degree in Teaching from Johns Hopkins University, and is currently working toward her Ed.D. at Texas A&M Commerce. Prior to her joining us at the Academy, she worked at an independent school in Baltimore, and came to us with nearly ten years of experience.
The kids, and being part of an amazing and supportive team of teachers, are what makes Fort Worth Academy such an incredible place to work. We’re like a family here,” she says. Instead of competition, we have this collaboration where we like each other, hang out together, and share ideas that will make the experience better for our students.
No one loves a good story more than Mrs. Uhr.  It’s important to her, she explains, that her students “learn to engage with classic literature on an emotional level before they have to ‘dissect’ it later in high school.  She knows that if her students love these stories now, they will better understand their deconstruction later. Additionally, the students are often challenged with performance-based lessons and long-term projects that teach them to collaborate and to extend themselves more than when working alone.As a result, she says, “students leave here extremely well prepared to lead with confidence.”
What would she be doing if she weren’t teaching at the Academy? That’s a good question. I’m not sure, but I know it would be something that involves working with kids,” she says. I married a teacher and my mom was a teacher so that may have had something to do with it, too!
In her spare time, Mrs. Uhr enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her twins, Aly and Grayson, both high school sophomores. Though she claims to be un-athletic, Mrs. Uhr enjoys running and scuba diving and looks forward to her kids becoming certified so they can go diving together. “I also look forward,” she’ll tell you, to continuing to work with the best group of teachers I’ve ever known.

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