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Mrs. Margie Lane has been teaching for nearly 40 years, received her B.A. in Elementary Education from Michigan State University, and has been with the Academy since 2003.  Today, Mrs. Lane is our 2nd Grade Reading and Writing Specialist and says that teaching is in her blood. Teaching runs in the family,” she says. “Three of my four grandparents were teachers… which is probably why my mother decided to become a librarian!
Here at the Academy, Mrs. Lane offers our seven and eight-year olds a stunning variety of literary genres to explore.  One of her greatest loves is introducing a new genre of books to the class – sometimes a mystery, sometimes a fairy tale – and “watch the excitement build as the students get background knowledge, preview the upcoming fun activities, learn the reward goal, browse the books, and with all of that, start what will become a new literary adventure.”  She also loves to see her students become animated about a topic during book discussion or “when they come up with totally new, and surprising, ideas to share with the other students”. 
In Mrs. Lane’s class, every novel has a project. The reason? Every student learns differently. “Projects address the different needs that young learners have,” she says. Projects also offer students the opportunity to get together with their 6th grade “study buddies. Whether it’s working on a project together or a chance encounter in one of the school hallways, her students’ faces “light up” whenever they spend time with their sixth grade mentors.
While she is well known across campus and among the Academy families for her quick wit and open personality, Mrs. Lane is also known for her enthusiasm. “My students always see that twinkle in my eye. That tells them I really love what I’m doing.” What’s a great moment for Mrs. Lane? “There’s nothing,” she says, “like a student coming up to me and telling me that they really love writing stories, or reading… now. The ‘now’ tells me that what I’m doing has made a difference.”
When not spurring our 2nd graders onto their next literary adventures, Mrs. Lane enjoys her book club, watching movies, shopping, traveling, walking with her dogs, and spending as much time as possible with her two grandsons. What are her plans for the future? Friends ask me when I’m going to retire,” she says. I tell them that ‘somehow, I’ll know when I’m ready. But, until then, you know where to find me!

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