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Mindy Poitevent has a multitude of reasons to believe that she is doing the right kind of teaching at the right kind of school… but the most compelling reason is probably her own son, Beau, a 2017 Academy graduate. Now attending the high school of his choice, Beau has been the beneficiary of what Mrs. Poitevent describes as “the challenging curriculum, the diversity in the lessons we teach, the project-based experience… all of these prepared him for thinking outside of the box and for pushing himself to reach his goals.”
The other beneficiaries of the unique learning environment here are the 7th grade students who study both English and History with Mrs. Poitevent.
When asked why she pursued a career in teaching, she says,“I have always loved school and learning. My mom was a teacher and if I weren’t teaching, I’d probably be in school as a student.” Here at the Academy, Mrs. Piotevent is known not just for her passion for teaching and learning, but for her work ethic, as well. Raised along with four siblings by a single parent who worked two jobs, she knows what it is to put in the work. “My mom worked very hard,” she says, “and that’s how I developed my own work ethic.”
“Why teach here?,” we asked. “Here at the Academy we have the opportunity to present learning in a very different way. We have a lot more freedom to teach beyond textbooks and testing.” An example of this is a recent project on cultures. Rather than refer to a textbook, students are challenged to examine their own culture, conduct online research, and then present their findings to the class. “Neither the students, nor I,” she says, “would have this kind of opportunity elsewhere.”
Mrs. Poitevent received her Bachelor’s degree from nearby Southern Methodist University and has been with us since 2013. In addition to her role in the classroom, she also coaches the cheerleaders and the pep club, sponsors our Student Council, and coordinates the annual 7th-grade trip. In her free time, she enjoys running, tennis, cooking, yard work, spending time with her family, and traveling. She is open to new adventures and challenges, including activities like pickle ball, Zumba, the circus trapeze, rock climbing, and hiking.
“My hope,” she says, “is that my students DREAM BIG. If they follow their hearts, they will live a life they love, and it’s exciting to be a part of that.”

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