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If you press hard enough, she might tell you about it. An honor she’s clearly a bit uncomfortable talking about, Mrs. Smith is the 2018 winner of the Tennessee Mother of the Year Award. American Mothers, the award’s governing body, summed it up this way: “Nicole is a model of thinking about her goals, using her resources and then completing the tasks she sets to achieve. Her proudest goal is that of being a mother and wife. She makes her faith, and commitment to excelling in these two roles, a priority.
Mrs. Smith serves as Fort Worth Academy's School Counselor and comes to the Academy from a Tennessee private school, where she served as School Counselor for eleven years. She received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Central Florida and an M. Ed. in Counseling and Development from Winthrop University. In addition, she has earned a host of professional certifications, including Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Licensed School Counselor and a Certified Guidance Counselor.
Her love of her own children as a mom, the kind that garnered her a Mother of the Year honor, translates directly to her students… a love for them, as well as a passion for her vocation as a counselor. Despite an already lengthy list of credentials, she continues to pursue a course of self-development that enables her to better serve her students. Becoming a Mindful Educator is a good example. Mindfulness, as a personal practice – with its focus on the importance of slowing down, “taking a deep breath,” and coping in a healthy way with life’s toxic stresses – helps her in her roles as both parent and counselor. “These are important lessons… for myself, my children, and my students. Learning to manage the stresses of school is critical to each student’s well-being and success, and they’ll benefit from that learning for their entire lives.”
Her proudest moments, she says, come when she’s reminded that what she does makes a real difference. Such as “when a former student, for instance, makes an unsolicited comment about the mindfulness jar. I know I’m having a positive influence in these young peoples lives.”
When not at school with her new Academy family, Mrs. Smith loves just about anything one can do in the “great outdoors and experiencing the beauty of God’s grace. She’s also an avid runner and cyclist. But right now, what she’s enjoying most is the time she’s spending with her husband and two sons – ages eight and ten – exploring their new home… Texas.

Mrs. Smith can be reached via email at

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