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Mrs. Sara Kooiman is a 2nd math and social studies teacher at the Academy who earned her Bachelor of Science in Parks and Recreation Management from Northern Arizona University.

Mrs. Kooiman wants her students to feel competent and become experts in their math skills. Math is not only a concrete subject but also full of abstract ideas.  Mrs. Kooiman feels the most important math skill is being able to find strategies to solve any type of problem, not memorizing steps and algorithms but being great problem solvers and thinkers.  Math is engaging, math is fun, and math should be a hands-on experience for all students.  Mrs. Kooiman wants her students to see that there is always more than one way to solve a problem. While some solutions might be simple others are complex and exciting.  Mrs. Kooiman wants her second grade team (students and parents) to love math as much as she does, by working together, solving problems, and thinking “outside” the box.  She knows this year and years to come at the Academy will be an infinite adventure!

Mrs. Kooiman loves the small class size and the close knit community the Academy fosters. School is like a triangle with the students, parents, and teacher; each angle needs to be present to build the strongest foundation for the student.  

Mrs. Kooiman feels very fortunate to be at a school with such a high emphasis on using technology tools with exciting and academically challenging experiences focused on entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation.

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