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For Shad Turner, our Manager of Operations, Fort Worth Academy truly is a family affair. It all began back in 2007 or so when Mr. Turner was introduced to the Academy through the after-school program. He started helping out by coming in occasionally to work with Bridget Belyeu. In 2010 he became an employee and by 2012, he was serving as our director of the program.
In his role as Operations Manager, Mr. Turner applies his wide-ranging experience in business to any and all of our operational needs. From acquisitions to maintenance, from technology to facility, he manages the vendors who perform the work, while also overseeing the before and after-school programs. In doing so, Mr. Turner brings with him a wealth of experience across a variety of fields… including oil fields. He graduated with an Associate of the Arts degree and at the time, “planned on being a philosopher.” (Spend just a few minutes with him and you begin to see that he would have made a darn good one!) “I traveled a lot,” he says,“did mission work in Africa, picked kiwi fruit in New Zealand, hiked in Ireland, laughed in Canada, played with a band in Brazil.” He also worked as a pumper in the San Antonio oil fields, worked for an auto dealership, managed a warehouse for an interior design company, and was just about to take a job with a company in California when,in August of 2017, fate stepped in and he was made an offer to come back to the Academy as Director of After Care. Then, in December of the same year, was offered the position of Operations Manager.“I love this place,” he stated, ”and I am so glad to be back.”
Back to the family affair… Mr. Turner’s mom, Marla, is the Academy’s full-time music teacher. His wife, Katie, works with us in our after-school program and his two daughters – Rhythm, age 4 and Coda, age 2 – will be students here as soon as they’re old enough. As you can imagine, the Turners are a musical family. Mr. Turner, a pianist, met wife Katie, a singer when they were both performing at their church. Nowadays, when time allows, Mr. Turner “plays a bit on the side” with friends and enjoys “getting together at the piano for a song or two” with his wife and kids.

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