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“From the moment I learned of Fort Worth Academy, I was compelled by its mission and philosophy. It is, of course, an honor and privilege for me to serve as Fort Worth Academy’s Head of School and to contribute to a unique environment that removes the fear of failure, rewards intellectual risk-taking, and encourages the pursuit of personal excellence.”

Shannon Elders knew in an instant that she had found the job she had been called to do. She began her career in education as a speech language pathologist working with children suffering from acquired brain injury, and through previous roles as an administrator has honed her team building and collaboration skills to a fine point… skills which she sees as essential to her present position as Head of School.

“What makes this the perfect job? I love what I do. It’s fabulous. We are truly an educational innovator. The teachers, the students, the families… they’re fantastic. My role, whether with teachers, students, or families, is to continually build on the relationships I have, build trust and confidence with families, and see that every student and every faculty member gets what he or she needs.”

Mrs. Elders loves learning... an ideal quality in a Head of School, don’t you think? As for free time, there is very little of it. Our two children, Tommy and Kennedy, are huge into sports, so we spend a lot of time at sporting events.When not on a soccer field sideline, she dives into books and continuing education opportunities that she can apply to her work. “If you were to ask my husband Skip, she says, “he would tell you that even when I’m not working, I’m working.” She doesn’t consider it work, however. I love reading and continuing to learn and am interested always in seeing what I can learn on “the outside” that I can bring “in”, she says. And, after all, can you really call something “work” if you love doing it?

When asked what, in her opinion, makes Fort Worth Academy so unique, Mrs. Elders replies: “Our faculty is tremendous. Experienced. Passionate. Our setting is truly inviting, welcoming, and nurturing. As a result, students here get the kind of personalized attention that they could never receive anywhere else… and I am so pleased and proud to be a part of that.”

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