Educational Technology Initiatives at the Academy

The Academy leads the way in integrating technology into the classroom. Technology is used as a powerful aid to learning, expanding possibilities for both students and teachers.
At the Academy, we continue to consider new pedagogies for our students of the 21st century, acknowledging the increasingly complex role technology plays in our lives and celebrating the worldwide connectivity it brings. To remain relevant in a global age, our school offers authentic and safe experiences that foster creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit, problem-solving and collaborative learning.
The core of this initiative is the faculty. Academy teachers are reinventing the way students learn in their classrooms. Using tools native to their students’ generation, our teachers develop new ways to productively engage them in classic subjects as well as modern theories. The Internet, Web Quests, wikis, blogs, voice threads and Skype conferences intrigue, motivate and allow connections and collaboration among students in the room, around town, across the country and all over the world.
Students use state-of-the-art technology daily, including video chatting with entrepreneurs and astronauts, learning to code at an early age and access to advanced online courses at high schools and colleges. Resources are continually updated as technology evolves.

Resource & Tools

Educational technology resources and tools incorporated into the curriculum at the Academy include:

  • Virtual library services
  • Skype sessions with authors, entrepreneurs and other dignitaries from around the globe
  • 1:1 Laptop and Tablet Program, recognized as one of the most innovative in the country by the Lausanne Learning Institute
  • Kindergarten and first grade students are provided with iPads, while second through eighth grade students are provided with tablet PC laptops
  • Interactive walls in Lower School classrooms
  • Interactive whiteboards used in Music and Spanish classes
  • Microsoft OneNote used as a virtual binder to store and organize class work
  • State-of-the-art network infrastructure by Meraki
  • Video and audio recording and editing capabilities for school projects
  • DyKnow software, facilitating educational content delivery and assessment both on campus and off
  • Student Help Desk Middle School elective, in which students learn to repair computers and solve technological issues while also gaining experience in business ethics and customer service
  • Google Apps for Education, providing some of the latest in cloud-based educational tools
  • Blended learning opportunities delivered from other educational institutions, affording our students access to course content beyond current Academy offerings
  • Use of Chromebooks in 2-4th grades


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