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Since 1982, nearly a thousand students have begun a brilliant education at Fort Worth Academy. Today, those students are continuing their education at prestigious high schools and universities, pursuing careers, competing as athletes, volunteering as philanthropists and contributing to our local and global society as great citizens. Alumni continue a lifelong pursuit of excellence that began here at the Academy.

Once a part of the Academy family, always a part of the Academy family!

Whether you have just started high school or you are looking forward to enrolling another generation of your family at the Academy, these alumni pages are here as your resource. Find old friends and make new ones, stay connected and share your stories with future Academy alumni.

Academy Stories

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  • Never Be Afraid To Try Something New

    Issac Griffin, Class of 2015
    As a Fort Worth Academy graduate and former member of the National Junior Honor Society, I offer my congratulations to the new National Junior Honor Society inductees. It is a great accomplishment and honor to be a part of this esteemed organization. You and your parents should be proud. You deserve this honor as recognition for your hard work.

    I remember the day I stood where you are standing today. Membership in NJHS doesn’t make you special; rather, you being a part of NJHS makes it special!
    I have several fond memories of NJHS and my years at Fort Worth Academy.
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  • Lasting Relationships, Opportunity and Self Confidence

    John Shipp, Class of 2013
    Fort Worth Academy was proud to welcome alumni John Shipp, class of 2013 to this year's Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day to share his Fort Worth Academy story. 

    My name is John Shipp, a member of the Class of 2013. After I graduated from Fort Worth Academy, I moved just across the street to attend Trinity Valley School, and now I am a sophomore Finance major with a double minor in Accounting and Religion at TCU.

    As a member of the Nine-Year Club (students who have attended Kindergarten – 8th grade at the Academy), I participated in everyGrandparents Day celebration from kindergarten to eighth grade. Each year it was one of my favorite days. The joy I felt showing my school to my special friends (and the anticipation of the week-long vacation that followed)always made the day especially exciting. It is so surreal coming back as a sophomore in college realizing that my first Grandparents’ Day was 14 years ago.
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  • Fort Worth Academy Prepared Me to Prosper Academically

    Lizann Bonin, Class of 2014
    Hi everyone! My name is Lizann Bonin and I am a senior at Fort Worth Country Day. First, I’d like to say congratulations to the NJHS Inductees. It is an honor to be recognized for your achievements. You and your parents should feel proud. When I was inducted into NJHS, I was extremely nervous and excited. I’m sure some of you can relate to those feelings right now. My NJHS induction is one of the many memories I made at Fort Worth Academy.
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  • A Strong Foundation for High School

    Chris Rodriguez, Fort Worth Academy Class 2012
    You may not realize it now, but Fort Worth Academy does a heck of a good job preparing you for high school, and it’s such a wonderful place that I have a bounty of fond memories for. Since I’m a 9 year club member, if I wanted to share all of my good memories, we’d be here all day. I clearly remember my 8th grade and 6th grade buddies, and still have the gifts they got me, a tic tac toe board I received in kindergarten, and a toy airplane I received in 2nd grade. Moving on to 4th grade, I broke my elbow playing soccer. It was my writing arm, but I was still able to get my work done. How? Mrs. Elliot wrote what I wanted as I dictated to her. FWA is full of teachers that have this level of commitment. All of my positive memories in lower school brought me back there in middle school as I used my elective time to be a student assistant, and when I wasn’t doing that, I was doing Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish more. The combination of learning online and in class helped me master the language faster, so I could communicate with my family in El Salvador. It made high school Spanish breeze by. In 7th grade, I was already in 8th grade math, but Mr. Porter noticed I wasn’t being fully challenged, so he said “Chris, I want you to ignore everything I say in class, and just read the book, teach yourself, do problems, and come to me when you’re ready for a test.” I finished several chapters ahead of the rest of the class. These are just a few of countless memories, like going undefeated in soccer in 7th grade, or the fun time that was the 8th grade DC Trip. I couldn’t have asked for a better preparation for high school.
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Valerie Washington, mother of current Academy 5th Grader:

“The Academy admissions staff were incredibly helpful and supportive as I applied to the school and made the transition from Indianapolis to Fort Worth at the beginning of the school year. The Academy offers the experience I want my daughter: to enjoy learning while being challenged at the same time. Since she's been attending the Academy, my daughters confidence has skyrocketed. Her teachers create opportunities for the kids to get out of their comfort zones but in a safe and protected environment. I loved the 4th grader Entrepreneur Project. It was a great experience to have a 4th grader responsible for completing a project from start to finish. The teachers are amazing and top notch, the administration truly cares about each and every child, and the lines of communication are always open.”
Jerry Price, father of Academy Graduate:

No matter how your child learns; if they are more right brained or left brained; if they are challenged by structure or excel in a more structured environment, the Academy is a great place to make sure your children are well prepared for whatever is in their future. I have seen, from a graduate perspective, how well prepared my son was for high school. The primary school learning was highly effective in allowing him to succeed later in life and now as we look forward to his college years, his high school experience has been well prepared for and he is doing exceedingly well.
Sheila Ross, retired Academy teacher, Board of Trustees member:

The first thing I noticed when I entered the school was the climate of the building. I instantly knew this was a great place for children to learn. Going to work every day was a pleasure. The students were eager to learn and the parents were very supportive. I enjoyed the feeling of a family community. Everyone was so gracious and ready to help in any way they could. I would tell any parents considering the Academy that you will be able to drop your child at school knowing they are going to have a wonderful learning experience, be safe, and happy.
    • Over 99% of Academy graduates attend the high school of their first choice.

      Over 99% of Academy graduates attend the high school of their first choice.

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