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Your Support Helps Us Fulfill Our Mission

What is the 'Blazer Giving Annual Fund?

'Blazer Giving is our annual fund that enhances every aspect of education at Fort Worth Academy beyond what is possible with tuition alone. Without these essential gifts, our current programs would not thrive and our teachers would not be provided with the tools needed to create innovative opportunities for our students.
I already pay tuition, so why am I asked to donate to the school as well? 
Your gifts support everything that sets the Fort Worth Academy experience apart — creative and dedicated teachers, a diverse and innovative community of students, small class sizes as well as exceptional offerings in innovative programming such as our E.L.I. Initiative, Project-Based Learning, partnerships with national organizations, competitive athletics and award winning fine art programs. Similar to other independent schools, Fort Worth Academy relies on this fundraising to make these enhancements possible.
What is supported with 'Blazer Giving? 
'Blazer Giving for the 2023-2024 school year will support:
  • Additional Project Based Learning experiences
  • E.L.I. Initiatives
  • Recruiting and retaining the best teachers and staff
  • Teacher and staff professional development
  • Athletics
  • STEM programming
  • Field trips and off-campus learning experiences
  • Performing Arts and Fine Arts
  • Student service and leadership programming
  • Other areas of need
Why are donors encouraged to give early in the school year? 
A gift or pledge made early in the year is a great advantage to the school because it enables us to know how much money will be available to support our initiatives. Because of this, we ask donors to make pledges by December 31, 2023; however, gifts can be paid through June of 2024. Once you have made your annual gift or pledge, you will not receive another 'Blazer Giving solicitation until the following school year.
Why is parent participation so important? 
Each year, Fort Worth Academy receives gifts that range from $10 to more than $40,000. While large leadership gifts are crucial to FWA's financial stability, gifts of every amount add up and make a significant impact. Parental involvement is an important measure of our success and commitment to our community, and it sends a powerful message to potential outside supporters, such as corporations and foundations.
How much should you give? 
All gifts, no matter the amount, are valued and deeply appreciated!

MaryEmily Pardue, Director of Development and Alumni Relations

I am thrilled to be a part of the team here at Fort Worth Academy. My background includes experience working as an education and child advocate with nonprofits in the Fort Worth community.
As an investor in the Fort Worth Academy mission, you hold the key to continued success. My door is always open! We all support FWA with our time, talents and gifts because we cannot imagine a world without this type of educational opportunity. I welcome your input on how to further the FWA mission and achieve our goals.


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