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Creative expression is an integral part of the well-rounded private school education provided by Fort Worth Academy. That is why all students in kindergarten through sixth grade attend classes in visual arts and performing arts as part of their regular class schedule. Arts instruction is tailored to grow the artistic skills of each child at every age. Our arts program has something to challenge and inspire every student!
What makes the Academy art experience unique is that we provide a vibrant, respectful and inclusive environment that gives children the confidence to explore and create through visual arts, performing arts and music. Many of our students discover unique technical capabilities and artistic talent that can be further pursued in Middle School with elective courses in visual and performing arts.


Providing opportunities for creative and personal expression is part of our commitment to helping students grow as individuals. Students learn an appreciation for visual arts and increase their skills by exploring the basic modes of visual expression through a variety of media such as acrylic painting, watercolor, print-making, paper-making and sculpting with clay. Lower school students work with familiar materials to build a foundation while gaining confidence. As technical skills increase, students receive instruction in composition, perspective, light, color and design in a variety of ways.


Learning and performing in theater arts is both an expression of personal creativity and an exploration of other cultures. Students develop an age-appropriate understanding and appreciation of theater history and performance. Participation in theatrical productions brings theater arts to life, and students of all levels perform in a school- wide production at the annual Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day. In the spring semester, lower and Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in grade level musical performances.
Music, drama and dance are performed throughout the year. Special dramatic performances enable students to produce, stage and perform traditional and original works. Previous dramatic productions have included The Sound of Music, The ’70s Review, Peter Pan, Mrs. Nelson Is Missing, The Treasure of Shiver River and The Wizard of Oz.


Students explore their musical interest and strengths beginning in kindergarten. Lower school students develop their musical intelligence through activities including movement, creative dramatics, rhythm instruments and song. The content grows more challenging as the students mature, with the Middle School program extending music concepts to include instrumental music, ensemble training and music appreciation. Musical literacy and the opportunity for personal expression are our goals while also affording students performance opportunities during the fall and spring semesters.

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