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Empowering Students With E.L.I.

By teaching the principles of entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation, the ELI Initiative at the Academy represents our commitment to empowering students to thrive in an ever-changing world. We believe that a world of constant change is a world of countless opportunities. We must acknowledge that success in this new environment requires us to rethink how information becomes knowledge, how standardization becomes innovation and how learners become leaders. Addressing this challenge head-on through the groundbreaking ELI Initiative positions Fort Worth Academy as one of the most innovative private schools in the country. The ELI Initiative is fully integrated into the Academy curriculum from kindergarten through eighth grade.



Entrepreneurship is taught throughout all grade levels at the Academy. The critical attributes of entrepreneurship (ambition, determination and creativity) are cultivated through direct instruction accompanied by interaction with highly successful entrepreneurs from the realms of business, education and social service.



Fort Worth Academy’s leadership as an innovative, forward-thinking educational institution is acknowledged and celebrated on the global stage. Visitors from schools locally, nationally and internationally come to the Academy to gain a firsthand look at a vibrant, highly effective 21st century school.



Innovation is highly valued and continually encouraged. Critical thinking and creative problem solving skills are nurtured from kindergarten through eighth grade in all subject areas and applied to creating and analyzing products, ideas, viewpoints and solutions.


Mid-Winterim is a three-day, very non-traditional class experience that follows our extended Christmas break. Innovation in action at The Academy!