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Building confidence. Cultivating curiosity.

By teaching the attributes of entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation, the E.L.I. Initiative at Fort Worth Academy empowers students by teaching them to address the challenges of an ever-changing world. This groundbreaking initiative is fully integrated into the curriculum at all grade levels and positions students as breakthrough thinkers and doers.

The critical attributes of entrepreneurship are cultivated through authentic problem-solving and challenging, critical-thinking projects. These learning experiences, accompanied by direct interaction and engagement with highly successful entrepreneurs from around the world, allow students to gain a global perspective and a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship.

Students experience real leadership roles early, which results in greater levels of confidence and self-esteem as they progress toward high school. Our focus provides students with opportunities to confidently lead themselves and others through real-life learning experiences and meaningful collaboration.

Innovation is highly valued and continually encouraged: creativity and curiosity are nurtured from kindergarten through eighth grade. Through purposeful and meaningful STEAM integration, design thinking, and product design, students evolve to be tomorrow’s innovators.


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