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Supporting our goal to help children explore their potential in all areas, Fort Worth Academy provides a robust athletics and physical education program. Children identify their strengths through daily physical education in all grades and have opportunities to pursue competitive athletics opportunities in Middle School.


All students attend physical education classes five days a week. We emphasize skills, fitness, participation, teamwork and competition. Students participate in age-appropriate activities and competitive games, building social and leadership skills and gaining self-confidence. Our goal is to involve students in experiences that help them develop as a whole, including physical health, wellness and a positive self-image.


Beginning in fifth grade, our athletics program expands to include competitive athletics in a broad variety of individual and team sports. All Middle School Academy students have an equal opportunity to participate in the competitive athletics program, and parents receive sign-up sheets prior to each season. While healthy competition is important, we believe that participation and teamwork are as valuable as the pursuit of individual excellence.
Our competitive athletics program offers Middle School students a variety of opportunities to develop their teamwork, leadership and physical skills. This optional but highly popular program includes baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, soccer, golf, track and field, softball and volleyball.


Fort Worth Academy offers many opportunities for students to engage in sports and other physical activities. Our facilities are designed to meet the needs of all students and serve as the sites for several tournaments throughout the year, with basketball and volleyball tournaments held in the gymnasium. Talbott Fields include a regulation baseball/softball diamond, a regulation football/soccer field and field house.