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Your Child Deserves the Best...

At Fort Worth Academy, we strongly believe the most critical foundations are established during the elementary and middle school years. Research has shown that kindergarten at a private school has benefits for students that last a lifetime. That's why we say that the best education begins here!
Opportunities Abound from the Start
Small class sizes (with a maximum of 15 students per class) allow students to develop their strengths early. Students also have numerous leadership opportunities, developing life-long confidence and self-esteem. Students succeed as they confidently lead themselves and others through real-life learning experiences and meaningful collaboration.
Valuable Relationships Are Built Early
The environment at Fort Worth Academy fosters healthy relationships. Not only is there a strong social emotional learning emphasis, there are also cross-grade mentorships. As a result, young students feel comfortable and at home, and middle schoolers view themselves as leaders.
K to 8 on Purpose and By Design
Unlike other schools, the FWA middle school program is not an afterthought, wedged between lower school and high school. Instead, our environment is intentionally structured to prepare our students using the most advanced, challenging, and creative learning experiences at each grade--and our students enjoy learning, discovering, and exploring their world. Together with their parents, our eighth graders select a high school based on the strengths and interests they have developed in their nine years at FWA. Fort Worth Academy students are consistently recruited by premier high schools in our area, and year after year 100% of graduates are accepted to their first choice high school.

Fort Worth Academy is... 

the leading K-8 learning community that instills a passion for lifelong learning and prepares students to be the future breakthrough thinkers and doers in an ever evolving world.

We empower young people

... to think critically, lead with empathy, and collaborate effectively, to become the innovators and problem solvers of tomorrow. We cultivate our students to become self-aware, self-driven, courageous, confident, and creative Trailblazers.
We cultivate innovation. Children have a natural curiosity about the world around them which is developed through opportunities to question and challenge the status quo. Our innovative approach empowers children to be courageous and develop their own solutions to the problems and challenges they uncover. We believe innovation, curiosity, and creativity are key components of continual growth.
We cultivate excellence. High expectations within an environment of integrity and respect inspire children to achieve their personal best. We believe in learning from mistakes, embracing challenges, and cultivating an environment of excellence. Excellence is achieved when growth opportunities are met with resilience and grit.
We cultivate collaboration. Collaboration is the ability to work together, share ideas, communicate effectively, and respect differences. The best outcomes are driven by diversity of opinions, talents, and ideas. We believe inclusivity and empathy form the foundation of a collaborative environment.
Located in Tarrant County, the Academy has been one of the most innovative private schools in the country for over 30 years and has been recognized and honored at the national and international levels. Our approach is student-centric.