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Your child deserves the best... 

Your child deserves the best K-8 education available! At the Academy, we choose to specialize in K-8 education because early childhood is a critical time in the development of each individual. It is during these early years that principles of confidence, curiosity, respect and ambition can be instilled, providing a foundation for lifelong learning as well as the creation of a kind society. Students at this age benefit from unique, holistic teaching practices designed specifically for the learning needs of children and early adolescents. With a brilliant beginning, students go on to be confident and successful students and citizens. Academy graduates progress to premier high schools where they are immediately recognized as bright, motivated leaders.
Why does the Academy focus on K-8?

The Benefits of the K - 8 Approach

A K-8 structure allows students to engage in age-appropriate pursuits and events without the distraction of upperclassmen—who experience a very different set of academic, social and emotional stresses and pressures. Therefore, our students are able to ‘stay young’ for just a little bit longer.

  • At Fort Worth Academy, Middle School is not in the middle. Our fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders assume authentic leadership roles early, which results in greater levels of confidence and self-esteem as they progress toward high school.
  • Academy eighth graders view themselves as leaders, even protectors, of young children. The year-long relationship eighth graders form with their kindergarten buddies instills a spirit of kindness toward people of all ages.


Our K-8 program offers our eighth graders an experience unique to traditional K-12 education programs:

  • They are allowed the experience of being seniors three times—in Middle School, in high school and again in college—with all the accompanying rights, responsibilities, privileges and leadership opportunities.
  • They are better prepared for new academic and social challenges. After nine years at the same school, they are ready for new experiences and excited about the all the possibilities available to them at a new school.


Fort Worth Academy students are better prepared for high school:

  • Students and their parents have the unique benefit of choosing the right high school at the right time: when students and their families understand their strengths, interests, affinities, passions and challenges. Throughout the eighth grade year we communicate with students and their parents to help determine the best high school match for every student.
  • Our students are aggressively recruited by the premier high schools in Tarrant County, all of whom send ambassadors to Fort Worth Academy to recruit eighth graders. Nearly 100% of Academy graduates attend their high school of first choice.
About Us 
Located in Tarrant County, the Academy has been one of the most innovative private schools in the country for over 30 years and has been recognized and honored at the national and international levels. Our approach is student-centric. With a maximum class size of only 15, our students receive the time and attention they need to thrive. Small class sizes allow teachers to provide a personalized education, and students are encouraged to take an active role in their education.
The confidence and self-awareness fostered by the Academy provide a solid foundation for future success both in high school and beyond. Seamless integration of the latest technology and the groundbreaking ELI Initiative position the Academy as a leading-edge educational institution. We view a great education as a collaboration between families, teachers and students, working together to find the best teaching methods for the best outcomes. We’re proud to offer one of the best private school educations available in the U.S.
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