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Videos of FWA in Action


Watch the videos below to see how Fort Worth Academy students experience learning by doing and challenge themselves to think outside the box.


FWA in Action Episode 17

FWA IN ACTION Episode 16

FWA In Action Episode 15

FWA in Action Episode 14

FWA in Action Episode 13

FWA in Action Episode 12

FWA in Action Episode 11

FWA in Action Episode 10

FWA in Action Episode 9

FWA in Action Episode 8

FWA in Action Episode 7

FWA In Action Episode 6

FWA in Action Episode 5

Blazer Giving Message!

Cookie Project

In a combined science and English class project, Fort Worth Academy middle school students are learning about independent and dependent variables as they work in teams to modify cookie recipes, then learn how to collect data as they survey taste testers to see which cookies they like best, and finally use what they have learned about media bias and persuasion to create commercials for their experiment results.

Wild at FWA

The creation of our outdoor classroom was spearheaded by Megan Davis McConnell, FWA parent, Texas Master Naturalist, and instructor of our "Wild at FWA" elective class, and it's a beautiful location to be used by all students and teachers. One of the facts that makes the space interesting is that the stools that provide seating are made of wood harvested from a tree on campus that could not be saved after severe frost damage. Now "Wild" students are examining pieces of that tree in order to learn more about it!

FWA in Action (September 22)

FWA in Action September 15

FWA in Action September 1